The Reaper Campaign

Be gone Servant of the Devil

Session 9

“Behold, the day cometh, that shall burn like an oven; and all proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble”.

Malachi 4:1

The road to Helena, Montana
Laqutos and Sheridon have both been stunned by the explosion and Rose, Randall, Kano and Pastor Aaron all feel the blast but are not injured.

Although blown to the ground by the exploding SUV the Biker still manages to retain a grip on his deadly pump action and then begins to rise up, smoke coming from his signed body, forcing Rose and Kano to retreat back to the police car as they had begun to advance on the force of evil.

Kano and Randall have a plan and Kano advances along the side of the road and begins to use his Hallucination power to force the Biker to receive a vision of a mob of angry villagers advancing upon him. He is unable to resist this and begins to fire grenades towards them. As he does so Randall advances along behind the burning SUV approaching him from the rear.

Suddenly the Harbinger shouts “Be gone Servant of the Devil” as a blinding light hits the Biker who is flung 20 feet into the air and held there as a battle of spirits is played out between the two before the Biker is flung to the ground, still holding his shotgun!

Randall casts his Maelstrom ability on a small piece of Ghost Rock which he places on the Biker and a great blast of atomic power creates the walls of the Maelstrom. Randall feels tainted and can feel the power source of another atomic power.

Sheridon who had been aiming at the Biker is aided by Pastor Aaron and Randall who use first aid on his wounds. He then decides to try and make his way over to the Harley Davidson and get it going which proves fruitless as it will not start for him and weight of the machine causes his freshly bandaged wounds to bleed again.

Laqutos makes his way over to the Harbinger along with Rose to see they can help Margaret and the Big Guy. When they get there the Big Guy is wounded and is sit upright on the ground. The Harbinger is desperately trying to help Margaret who is clearly dead. Rose uses her Lay on Holds ability to help heal the Big Guy and then the group lay Margaret to rest.

Laqutos wants to scavenge some parts from the Harley and Sheridon wants to attach it to the police car but despite their wishes the rest of the group overrule them and the bike is blown up. The police car has some modifications made to it before fitting everyone in /on it for the journey north to Helena.


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