The Reaper Campaign

Bring Out Your Dead

Session 11

There was a little city, and few men within it; and there came a great king against it, and besieged it, and built great bulwarks against it:

Ecclesiastes 9:14

The Battle of Helena, Montana
The Project Lazarus Helicopter banks to the south and after about 4 miles drops down to a clearing in the woods. After communicating with Helena and then their command they prepare to drop the posse for a quick disembarkation and also to pick up a number of badly wounded fighters. Commander Hadden hands a small radio to Sheridon along with a frequency to use to contact Project Lazarus and to then take to Ike Turner at Junkyard.

The posse are met by a rag tag group of fighters who form a protective cordon around the craft while others ferry a number of severely wounded fighters to safety. Seeing the desperate state of these wounded fighters prompts the posse to assist as stretcher bearers. When the task is finished the posse are introduced to a young man in a mixture of combat gear and civilian clothing. He says he is acting First Lt. Jessie Conner. He will lead the posse in through the towns storm drains and is surprised to see the Harbinger there but is thankful of some replacements no matter how small.

The group are taken to a concealed and reinforced locked storm drain gate which the group are led through in strict silence by the 20 or so warriors. The journey is difficult and the passages pass through to others which are also protected by reinforced gates. After a while Conner calls for a rest brake and briefly brings the posse up to date with a situation report which does not contain many positive points.

He says that there about 175-200 fighters remaining, many of them wounded but that they have been helped by the supply drops and have recently been bolstered by a squad of a dozen Special Forces types from Project Lazarus who have been setting up automated defences and acting as a spearhead attacking force. They are under their own command and are led by Specialist Max Cairns. They are holding a position around the high school and its fields but are desperately struggling to hold their position with their dwindling numbers with the most ferocious fighting taking place night and day around what was once the football pitch.
When the posse enter the defences they are pulled up from the drain system into the school buildings and search out the command centre in the gymnasium where the defenders are currently planning the defences. The defenders commander was badly wounded the previous day but is refusing to leave his position. He was burned when one of his spare magazines was hit. Captain Evan Smyth was the head of a local militia group and was a Captain in an armoured Division in the war before being injured. He received a purple heart and an artificial leg.

Rose helps his wounds by laying on hands and the posse are introduced to the officers and Specialist Max Cairns of Project Lazarus who provides a sit rep on the Project and each officer also reports on their area of the defences. The posse learn that the high school is attacked during the day by the Brotherhoods Mercenaries and at night by the Brotherhood and that the Brotherhood have been using BloodDemons. Various plans are discussed but finally it is decided to ask Project Lazarus to use its two large copters to collect the defenders outside of Helena and then move them near New Jerusalem. Then drop groups and supplies on route to Junkyard so that these can be used by the people of New Jerusalem as they make their way to Junkyard.

This escape is planned for the following night with those too injured to make the journey staying to provide what defence they can during the withdrawal. Sheridon wants to go scouting with Specialist Cairns and hunt the BloodDemons or a portal to Gods Stable but eventually it is decided that they should prepare for the following night and protect the Harbinger during the coming nightly assault.

The sound of battle stops and then the chant of the Brotherhood can be heard followed by the howls of death from four pairs of BloodDemons. It is going to be a very long, bloody and costly night!


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