The Reaper Campaign

Hold The Line

Session 14

“The beast I saw resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion. The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority”

Revelations 13:2

The Battle of Helena, Montana
The battle for the High School rages on above ground as below ground Sheridon and Leotine attempt to work out how far they have travelled and if they will appear in the middle of the battle or pop up beside the Doomsayer.

Laqutos manages to get himself up and try and make his way to the gym buildings, his wounded leg making the short distance a challenge. Whilst Randall continues to use his Atomic Powers to maintain the force field he has created plugging the gap in the breached defences. The attacking Brotherhood warriors are funnelled into the gap but are caught in the murderous cross fire of the defenders whilst other warriors push forward from the rear creating a crush at the atomic wall.

At the hill the Trolls are unleashed and they storm forward with their mutant handlers following behind them as they bound along like giant apes. When they hit the rear of the Brotherhood lines they force their way through attacking some warriors as they do so. They make their way to the walls but Randall has moved his force field to cover part of the barricades on either side of the whole and they have to move further down the barricade to climb over.

Another Atomic blast hits the barricade about 40 yards further down from the initial breach causing some the defenders to be forced to race to cover the new gap that the Brotherhood attackers are charging towards.

The Harbinger carried by the Big Guy and Pastor Aaron are advancing towards the action, the Harbinger unleashing a glowing energy bolt into the Brotherhood warriors at the new breach while the Pastor is holding a glowing silver crucifix and a pistol and is reciting the bible as he advances. Defenders appear to be rallying with them as they advance to the second line of defence.

Rose sees one of the Trolls heading to leap over the barricade and tries to cut it off by moving away from the barricade to the point she suspects the beast will leap over the defences.

In the sewers Sheridon and Leontine have travelled to the final exit gate and they decide that Leotine should stay at the locked gate while Sheridon and the guide sneak out to observe their position. After some difficulty Sheridon manages to force his the man whole cover up and can see that they are slightly short of the hill which is occupied by the Doomsayer and the Brotherhood commanders. The area is covered in rubble and they decide to sneak out and throw a satchel charge towards them and to then deal with the consequences.

Realising that neither of them have ever used plastic explosives of detonators Sheridon manages to use up his luck to guess how to set the timers and prepares to then make the throw of his life to land the satchel charge in the middle of the enemy.


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