The Reaper Campaign

In Search of the Harbinger

Session 7

No weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed, and you shall refute every tongue that rises against you in judgment. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD and their vindication from me, declares the LORD.”

Isaiah 54:17

New Jerusalem to Helena, Montana
The posse decide to follow the Harbinger and try to bring him back to New Jerusalem and Coulthard tells them that he has a hideout with a SUV and his old police car, both fuelled and ready to go. He gives them directions to the covered bridge where they are hidden two miles north.

Leotine stays in New Jerusalem with Coulthard to organise the people for the travel to Junkyard whilst Pastor Aaron accompanies the posse as he can drive. The posse begin their journey and follow the river north, following Coulthard’s directions they find the covered bridge and the vehicle along with their emergency fuel, food and weapons. Sheridon is tempted to make a run for it with them but is quickly shown how wrong these thoughts are. Sheridon, Flagg and Rose take the police car whilst Aaron, Kano and Laqutos take the SUV. They decided to communicate between cars using Laqutos’s radio frequency.

After a short journey the group come across the Harbinger, Margaret and the Big Guy a short distance away. Parking the cars and leaving the drivers the others make their way to meet the Harbinger who when questioned says that he has decided to make his way to Helena to rescue his people and bring them to safety. When asked how he intended to do this his reply was that god had given him powers and that he would make a path through the enemy like Moses spreading the Red Sea for his people fleeing the Egyptians!

The posse decide to go with him and help him get back to his people at New Jerusalem and the Harbinger says that his people will need the fighters at Helena for the journey to Junkyard.

Travelling north the posse come to the ruined town of Three Forks, the junction of three roads and the ruined town looks deserted and burned out. There was some debate as to if the town could be avoided but it was decided to press on and be vigilant. At the centre of town there are four mutants crucified outside of the town hall. All have been shot and although the group don’t get out of the vehicles they think the bodies are not fresh but also have not been here for too long.

Sheridon who had been scanning for Sky Pirate radio traffic suddenly hears a strange radio broadcast.

“It’s over folks, they’ve launched. New York is already gone. The news said the rest of us have only minutes. Signing off, signing off. Here’s a little Kansas to die by, this is Joe Stonewall saying thank you and goodbye listener, this is the last broadcast of KRC

Then “The end of the world as we know it by REM” plays. Sheridon tries other frequencies and the transmission appears to be on all channels!

Checking with the other vehicle it would appear that they have not heard the radio transmission. Laqutos uses his Radar and does not pick up any radio signals. The SUV had the Harbinger, Margaret and the Big Guy with them and it’s suspected that perhaps the signal is maybe not being picked up because of the Harbingers presence.

Deciding to get out of the town the group hit the open road passing signs for Toston and Toston Dam before approaching Townsend and Ferry Lake. All of the towns are burned out ruins the same as Three Forks. The posse have felt uneasy and Randall notices Sheridon constantly checking his rear view mirror.

Suddenly, about a mile and a half behind a lone biker appears and begins closing on them. The posse begin deliberating what to do when Randall took control and says to barricade the road and fight before he is on them.

As everyone gets out of the vehicles, Margaret and the Big Guy take the Harbinger away from the vehicles. Randall prepares a power to put a force field in front of the barricade, Rose draws her swords and Sheridon puts the suicide vest in a blanket and pretends it’s a baby!

The rider stops about a mile out and looks to be on an oversized Harley, a large man, holding what looks like a rifle or shotgun. He rev’s the bike and speeds towards the posse popping grenades from an underslung grenade launcher at ridiculous range as he does.

At about 150 yards out he begins firing the shotgun which peppers the police car and then crashes into Randall’s force field at about 100 yards, his bike skidding along the road surface until it stops about 70 yards out. The biker gets up, sniffs the air in the direction of the Harbinger and laughs manically. He’s about 7’ tall, in his 50’s and looks like Kris Kristofferson on steroids. Armed with a shotgun, grenade launcher, multiple hand guns and carrying bandoliers of grenades and shells he is a one man war machine. He lowers the shotgun and fires.


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