The Reaper Campaign

Its a Good Night to Die

Session 13

“The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; the God of my strength, in Him I will trust, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold and my refuge, my Savior, You save me from violence.”
Samuel 22:2

The Battle of Helena, Montana
Sheridon, Leotine, Duke and the guide were travelling through the sewers hoping to attack the Doomsayer when they were alerted by Duke of a presence in the storm drain ahead and they could see the glow of a torch in the distance. Stopping and going dark they could hear the distant patter of feet but no voices. Using his keen hunters hearing Leotine thinks that they are sandaled feet and might be about 10 or more of them.

Deciding that the passage is too small to fight in Sheridon suggests moving back to an intersection he saw behind them and hide there, then to use the flamer units on the hopefully unsuspecting travellers. The group move in silence back to the four feet wide tunnel and then they have to climb up slightly in the dark. Once inside the passage the others moved some yards behind Sheridon who waits with the flamer unit. It’s dark, smelly and wet and the tension mounts with each second. Sheridon suddenly decides that if it was him walking down and passing a tunnel he would look inside before passing it so decided after weighing up the options to wait until they are nearly there and then lean out firing the flamer in the passage.

When the action starts the effect is devastating, some of the Brotherhood try to get past their fallen brothers and kill Sheridon but their panic and the ferocity of the attack causes them to run for their lives. Sheridon taking the other flamer unit gives chase with Leotine following him as Sheridon fires his SMG to ensure that the fleeing Brotherhood don’t regain their courage.

Meanwhile on the barricades Rose leaps into the fight with Kano in support while Randall throws ghost rock into the burning hole to double the effect of Laqutos’ fire pots before he was badly wounded. The Maelstrom power blasted through the passage way and up from the hole hopefully stopping the attack in its tracks.

On the barricades the remaining BloodDemon was on top on a defender pummelling him into the ground when Rose stepped into action. Blow upon blow rained down on the powerful beast who had already been injured, finally two savage blows destroyed the creatures face and shattered its skull. Rose the Relentless was in action again. Kano helped in the fight as Rose moved to battle another Brotherhood opponent, the roar of the nearby defenders stirred the others in the line to resist.


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