The Reaper Campaign

Rose's Rage

Session 4

And Joshua said to them, “Do not be afraid or dismayed; be strong and courageous. For thus the Lord will do to all your enemies against whom you fight.”

Joshua 10:25

New Jerusalem, Montana
Kano stood over the two bodies of the warriors that had been shot by the warrior he had taken over and the injured one called out “Cain Protect Me” and pulled the small stone from around his neck and died as his body convulsed violently. Looking at the bodies they had pallid skin, scared where lesions had healed on their bodies and a tattoo with the Mark of Cain on their chest. The controlled warrior began firing upon his former comrades who now charged towards him and Laqutos.

Laqutos managed to crawl away into some bushes and began arming himself with his bow, Sheridon also hid in some undergrowth and began firing on the warriors, one of whom fell to his aim. The three sentries in the other stockade began firing upon the charging warriors along with another group who had luckily approached from the town. The group were all killed or injured and were finished off by Sheridon who stockpiled most of their weapons.

Kano restrained his warrior before releasing his controlling power, taking him to the town to be questioned.

Rose, North and Randall advanced protected by a Power of the Atom force field shield when a warrior appeared from the stockade, a sword dripping in blood carrying a severed head! He charged and as Randall dropped the force field Rose stepped into his path and in two movements of her swords his head was separated from his body. He was joined by two other warriors, one of whom North felled immediately with one shot and he fell back into the stockade. The other advanced for a few more heart beats before North killed him with another single shot but not before he had hurled a poisoned javelin which landed at the feet of Randall.

Rose’s rage overtook her as she surveyed the barbaric scene of destruction in the stockade, terrible things had been done to the defenders and she decapitated the remaining injured warrior as Randall left the severed heads impaled upon javelins as a warning to the Brotherhood.

Leotine bandaged Duke and using all of his strength carried him to the Harbinger’s tent, as he lay the body of his companion on some animal skins the full extent of the wolfs wounds could be seen. It was also plain to see to all in the Harbinger’s tent that the wolf was dead. Asking the Harbinger to help bring Duke back to life the Harbinger replied that he could not and that Duke might be different if he did. However an impassioned plea by Leotine begging that the Harbinger help his only companion in the world saw the babe lay his small hands on the animal’s wounds. After a short time the animal’s eyes flickered and his chest slowly began to rise and fall. The strain was great for the Harbinger who was visibly weakened by the effort.

Kano’s prisoner was taken to Coulthard’s tent to be questioned, the frightened baying crowd had to be held back by some of Coulthard’s guards. Violence did not have any effect upon him so Kano used his powers to question him. When asked about his plans he replied, “Kill, Burn, Destroy” and “capture it and take it back”, he sunk his teeth into the ear of one of the guards and began chanting.

“Wherever and Whenever we appear
we leave only destruction in our wake;
we are the Lords of Death,
Bringers of War,
The Dark Angels,
The Brotherhood of Caine”

In a blind fit of rage Rose drew her sword and decapitated her third Brotherhood warrior that night with total disregard for using the now useless small stone around his neck to activate the portals back to Gods Stable!


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