The Reaper Campaign

The Adventure Continues

Session 1

“Then The Lord Said Unto Me, Out Of The North An Evil Shall Break Forth Upon All Of The Inhabitants Of The Land.”

Jeremiah 1:14

New Jerusalem, Montana
The Posse decided to travel to New Jerusalem after meeting Saul and Larry Rexing who were heading to Grand Junction to prepare the defences against the Combine. There are stories of the arrival of the Harbinger in the shape of a small baby who is fluent in many languages and is a beacon of hope.

The babe is in a small town called New Jerusalem in Montana and is about forty miles south of Helena. The town is protected by a motley collection of Mutants, Militia, Old World Indian tribes and many others, however the town is directly in the path of the Brotherhood of Caine’s invasion south.

Saul transported the Posse as close to the town as possible using his powers. The town is in a rich valley with good soil for crops and grazing, a clean river running through and trees for building. The people had started building a wooden church as the first permanent building, there are pens for animals, wooden stockades for pickets and tents for protection from the elements. In the centre a large crowd gathered around the babe with many people queuing to see the child.

Introduced to Commander Lewis Coulthard an ex police officer the group are shown to the tent of the Harbinger who they eventually meet along with Margret who found the child, an Indian Brave with a Wolf and a large man with a shaven head and jail yard tattoos. There is a strange feeling of peace from the child who explains that Margaret found him 9 months ago wrapped in blanket by the river, Margaret adds that when she held the child her gunshot wound healed.

The babe held the hands of all of the Posse and looked into their hearts, there was a “Mexican Standoff” as Laqutos approached the babe the wolf began growling and it emerged that he was a Cyborg. Kano vouched for him after Coulthard, Rose and Randall threatened action. Randall was greatly angered when the babe would not give him orders and said the valley would shield the people from the Brotherhood.


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