The Reaper Campaign

The Brotherhood Attack

Session 3

“Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is”

John 3:2

New Jerusalem, Montana
Sheridon, Kano and Laqutos prepared for the imminent action, Kano hurried down from his vantage point to get into the stockade but before he could a horde of attackers charged forward, two groups providing support and a larger group charging for the stockade. The stockade was hit by crossbow bolts, javelin’s and pots of exploding sticky fire! Sheridon sprayed the group with lead but missed totally.

One pot almost burst through the entrance of the stockade before Laqutos had to duck from a javelin that was destined for his chest, as he did so Sheridon sprayed the group again, this time dropping one of them. Disaster stuck as Laqutos was hit by an exploding fire pot as Sheridom used the last rounds in his magazine.

Meanwhile Kano had used his abilities to mimic the attackers and sneak up on a group who had been bombarding the stockade with crossbow bolts. He took control of the one of the attackers and forced him to shoot his comrades, very powerful!

Laqutos ran out of the stockade and rolled around flattening the flames that engulfed him just before the stockade was swarmed by the warriors. Sheridon drew a handgun and grenade and pulled the pin! Smoke billowed into the faces of the attackers giving him the chance to miraculously escape certain death.

Meanwhile at the same time in the East Rose caught her breath after killing the creature and noticed that the other stockade was in the process of being overran, she sprayed one of the groups with bullets but missed. Randall approached the body of the beast for some reason and Leotine continued searching for Duke with no regard for his own wellbeing. Luckily for him North had followed the group and shot a warrior just as he was about to shot him.

Randall whispered words of power to the corpse of the beast and it rose up against its former allies, seeing this the warriors began fleeing in panic after Randall commanded them to flee in a voice of doom. Leotine found the body of Duke, broken and blooded and decided to take it to back to the Harbinger.


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