The Reaper Campaign

The Long Night of the Dead

Session 12

“And they came and besieged him in Abel of Bethmaachah, and they cast up a bank against the city, and it stood in the trench: and all the people that were with Joab battered the wall, to throw it down.”

Samuel 20:15

The Battle of Helena, Montana
The posse are listening to the Brotherhood assault, gunfire from the defenders is heard from every direction of the high school but most intensely from the East and the West. The fighting is vicious with waves of Brotherhood warriors crashing onto the defenders who are hard pressed to hold them at bay, now and then small breaches are made with the handful of marksmen in the second line of defence being called into action.

Rose looks through the improvised loop holes on the Western wall and witnesses an explosion and blinding light against the outer barricades. The blast appears to be coming from some raised ground behind the attacking Brotherhood warriors and from someone wearing some green robes!

Randall grabbing some binoculars sees a Doomsayer with the power of the atom glowing in his hands and some Troggs with their mutant handlers. Rose decides to make her way out to the thick of the action and is followed by Kano, Laqutos and Randall following preparing his own powers of the atom. Rose ran ahead of the others drawing her swords, Laqutos took a Brotherhood fire pot out of his rucksack and Kano also drew his sword.

As the blinding light cleared a large BloodDemon breaches the wall and is the spear point of the Brotherhood attack hurling defenders who stood in its path into the air. A man fought the beast with an axe as bullets bounced off the creatures hide or had little effect, an older defender frantically raced along the line of defence with a double barrelled shotgun to try and kill the beast.

As the posse reached the second line of defence an explosion shook the ground as a gaping whole appeared in the ground about 40 yards from the posse and as the dust and smoke cleared Brotherhood warriors appeared swarming to attack the front and second line of defence.
Randall unleashed an atomic blast which hurled the BloodDemon back over the barricade into the Brotherhood warriors but it is replaced by a second creature who is shot by the shotgun wielding warrior.

Randall used his atomic power to terrify the Brotherhood warriors who had emerged from the hole and Laqutos used up his stock of fire pots with devastating effect on the frightened warriors who’s own pots exploded as they fell back into the inferno hole. Kano had also been blooding his sword as he tried to keep in contact with Rose and despatched a pair of Brotherhood fighters.

In the gymnasium Sheridon and Leotine had been tasked with protecting the Harbinger and Captain Smyth could tell by the Captains orders that the northern part of the defence was also being attacked but the Captain sent a runner to pull troops back to the Western wall. They asked the Captain if there are any tunnels that they could use to try and kill the Doomsayer and if so are there any explosives or flamethrowers. The Captain said some of the tunnels did indeed go to the West and gave them a lone guide with keys for the gates and also a couple disposable flamer unit and some C4.

As the small group made their way down into the smaller sewers the sound of battle could be heard above, Leotine in front with Duke followed by the guide and then Sheridon. The smaller sewers lead towards the Brotherhood lines and hopefully open up near the Doomsayer and his mutants.

As Rose and the others get closer to the frontline they are shot at by Brotherhood warriors from the walls and Laqutos is hit in the leg by a Brotherhood javelin knocking him to the ground when he is nearly hit by crossbow fire too. He is clinging on to consciousness after previously being wounded in the same leg. Kano who had drawn his gun reacted to Laqutos being hit and also the death of a young defender and shot at the enemy attackers killing a pair.

The situation is desperate and can the frontline looks like being overwhelmed by the Brotherhood but perhaps the arrival of the posse will save the day.


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