The Reaper Campaign

The Storm

Session 10

“The Lord shall go forth like a mighty Man; He shall stir up His zeal like a Man of War. He shall cry out, yes, shout aloud; He shall prevail against His enemies.”

Isaiah 42:13

The road to Helena, Montana
Travelling along the 287 to Townsend the posse can see that there is a storm in the distance towards Helena and can hear either the sound of thunder or the sound of war. Storms are a worry in the Deadlands, will it be just a normal storm sent from nature or a storm full of spirts sent from hell or ghost rock!!

They pass through the ruined small town of Townsend just south of Ferry Lake and as they decided the day is drawing in it would be wise to find a suitable place to rest for the night before it gets dark. As they approach Ferry Lake they see a ruined Rest Stop / Fuel Station in the distance.

On inspection the Rest Stop has been boarded up and is a single story cinder block construction with a garage, diner and fuel station. The windows and doors all look secure and as the posse split up it starts to rain heavily. Flagg and Kano go round the building and see there are separate toilets to the side of the building and at the rear is a ruined trailer, its windows and doors long since gone and a couple of ruined cars. They climb up on to the roof which would be a good defensive position and see the sky light has been boarded and that there are some aerials and a broken satellite dish.

Rose after being cleared by Randall forces her way in through the door and is shocked when Randall forces one of the wooden panels from the skylight to give her some light and it crashes to the floor. Looking round with Leotine it looks cleared out and there is a kitchen, shop and door to the workshop area.

Sheridon and Laqutos decide despite the rain to check out the lake and make their way under the decrepit canopy above the rotten fuel pumps. At the lake the water looks clean and there are fish, Laqutos tries to shoot one with his bow but decides not to waste arrows after he fails to hit.

In the garage there are some tools, a pile of old tyres and batteries, a work pit and some shelving with boxes. Kano stumbles upon a forgotten box with some mil-rats which is a welcome relief and Rose finds two oil lanterns. Unfortunately there are no parts to repair Laqutos but he does take some tools and there is no food in the kitchen. As Pastor Aaron drives the police car into the garage the storm is getting worse, the wind is getting up and the sound of thunder is rolling along the lake. Randall and Laqutos repair the skylight and it’s decided to make sure the place is secure and then drive the police car over the pit and for everyone to rest in the damp but secure pit and get some chow and rest.

As the sound of the storm hits it is truly apocalyptic, the building is rattling, the garage doors although well secured with timber and chains sound as though they will be ripped apart at any moment. The sounds of the spirts can be heard above the wind and the rain, the Harbinger says not to worry and that they will all be safe.

In the morning the posse are up bright and early despite the terrors of the night before. Sheridon recognises the sound of aircraft and uses Laqutos’ Radar power to ping the bird. He then hails the craft on his radio as it passes by and the posse try to catch a glimpse of the bird through cracks in the boards that they had secured the night before. Sheridon tries to bluff the unknown craft by saying he is a Mercenary unit taking weapons to the front to sell to whoever will buy but he is cut short by the pilot who drops the line.

Realising that maybe he has blown his chance Sheridon quickly back tracks and says he has a representative from the Templars with him and is making his way to Helena. The pilot asks for his position and the craft is heard returning and lands on the road. As the posse get out they can see a large military twin bladed helicopter, sporting missiles and mini guns the pilot is stood beside two snipers and a gunner, all in uniform. Randall recognises a symbol of their uniforms and the helicopter as the same on some equipment from Jon Stiener. They are Project Lazarus!!!

The pilot introduces himself as Commander Jake Hadden, HAWK 74. He is on route to Helena with supplies for the resistance and is shocked when Sheridon introduces the Harbinger. He offers to give the posse a ride to Helena and fill them in on the journey. The front he says is fluid and that they will drop supplies from the air and provide air support for the defenders on the ground.

Randall asks about how they will get into Helena and is told that there is a drop about 4 miles south of Helena but it will need to be checked first. Sheridon asks if they will provide more assistance and for a way of communicating with Hadden who says he will need authorisation and evades some of the questions.

When they get to Helena they can see a ferocious battle taking place, the defenders are defending around the high school and its grounds and the supplies are dropped as the bird weaves and strafes the Brotherhood attackers. The bird then banks to the south heading to the drop off site.


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