The Reaper Campaign

The Wrath of God

Session 15

“For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee. Behold, I will make thee a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth: thou shalt thresh the mountains, and beat them small, and shalt make the hills as chaff”

Isaiah 41:13

The Battle of Helena, Montana
Rose moved to intercept the Trog and showed her fighting prowess again in a one sided battle she parried the beasts powerful blows and then delivered a flurry of killer blows. The mindless creature was no match for Rose as she danced around to its side and inflicted blow upon blow before the Trog succumbed to its wounds. Rose decapitates the beasts in defiance in full view of attackers and defenders alike.

Laqutos was helped by one of the defenders and initially began making his way to the gymnasium building but seeing that every man was needed at the second line changed his mind and made his way back to take his position and drew his handgun. The men and women with the Harbinger took up position at the second wall as Pastor Aaron and the Harbinger advance to the second breach with the Harbinger unleashing another blast of blinding light taking out a good number of the Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood leaders appeared to fire a bolt of energy from the staff they carried which hit the gymnasium building like an artillery shell blowing a large hole in the building wall. The blast appeared to come from the black stone set in the staff itself.

Rose seeing other Trogs crossing the barricade prepares herself for another battle and calls on her god to help her, “The Lord shall be my weapon and smite the Devil form before me.” she says and feels the strength of the Lord flow through her.

Meanwhile Kano’s victim lights his fire pot and causes mass destruction as Randall amends his force field into a dome around about 20-30 warriors who are all engulfed in the inferno as other pots explode in the crush and panic. Seeing this the warriors behind them begin to waver and then a number begin fleeing. Randall and a couple of others cross the barricade to show their defiance to the now routing warriors. Kano tries to help Rose as she battles with the new threat, for the Trog she is fighting though the battle is stacked against it and it falls to Rose the Relentless.

Sheridon and the guide planned to get as close as possible and throw the satchel charge into the Brotherhood commanders and the Doomsayer. Sheridon advanced as quietly as possible but at the same time as quickly as he could whilst the guide moved so far to provide a diversion with the flamer unit’s last shot.

As the guide fired the flamer unit which fell short of the Brotherhood he then flees back as agreed to the drain and is met by Leotine who has decided to help his companions. Sheridon got to within 10 yards before being stopped, bolts and javelins bounced off his armour and flight suit and it almost appeared as though he was wearing the protection of the gods.

As the Brotherhood raced to defend their leaders a group charged towards Sheridon with swords and knifes drawn, Leotine tries to take as many as he can with his bow but there are just too many. At the critical moment Sheridon stumbled and lost the initiative and is swarmed by the Brotherhood and gallantly tries to continue his mission but is unable to throw the charge whilst being hacked and stabbed.

With the timer ticking Leotine tries to help Sheridon but it is too late for the brave pair, Sheridon lets the satchel charge explode by his side and the hole of the hill is engulfed in the explosion which kills instantly or mortally wounds almost every person there. The others see a huge explosion and are not aware of the details of what had just happened. The Brotherhood warriors begin fleeing all along the wall.


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