Rose Sinclair

Knight Templar




Rose is one of the youngest Templars in the order at 21, most her age are still squires or companions. This is not down to the fact that Jo found her, nursed her and then trained her. She has proven that she was ready to be a full member of the order, she has all the qualities that the order hold true. In some ways Rose sees her life starting with the day she was rescued by Jo those 10 years ago.

Rose grew up in rural Dakota near Deadwood, her extended family farmed together for safety before Judgement Day and this was even more appropriate after that fateful September day in 81. The family fortified the farmstead and took in some survivors who needed help; they were smart enough not to over extend themselves though and only took in neighbours and those that they felt they could trust.

Times were hard for the first couple of years and the younger members of the family grew up quick, Rose’s 2 older brothers would look after the animals on the range or sometimes go with her father on scavenging and trading missions. Rose and her younger brother and twin sisters would look after the animals on the farmstead and help around the house. In times of danger Rose would look after the youngsters and on the odd occasion when the farm was attacked she would run ammunitions and arrows to the defenders.

The farm was wiped out after the Virginia City massacre in 85; a mixture of two attacks destroyed her home and her family. First some cattle had been rustled by some wandering band of mutants, Rose’s father, older brothers and a couple of others went after the band, she later learned from Jo that they had been killed and by the mutants and Jo had buried the remains. Rose did blame all mutants at first and it was only Jo’s influence that has subdued her feelings of anger to them all.

While the farm was weakened a gang of wateland scum attacked and destroyed the farm and killed or took everything. Rose was badly wounded and left for dead, the head wound she had received had saved her from a far worse fate had she been captured alive. Jo arrived at the scene the day after the attack and nearly buried Rose alive, she nursed her back to health for 3 weeks at the farm ruins and then took her back to Boise where Rose remained until she was old enough to become Jo’s squire and then companion.

Over the last year Rose has travelled the waste being instructed by Jo, she has been back to Boise on a couple of occasions and picked up on the bad feeling between Jo and Simon the late Grand Master. Jo would never speak of the source of these feelings and Rose respected her wishes. With Simon’s death and Jo’s appointment as Grand Master of the order it was decided that Rose was ready to make her own way in the battle against evil and she was appointed Kes “Blade” Wingfields replacement to the group she currently finds herself with.



Rose Sinclair

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