A Syker with a shattered mind who struggles to remember his past and is haunted by his past deeds in the form of flashbacks, He does all he can to try and atone and hopes to remember his forgotten past and be free of his guilt.


My family (only child) was very poor growing up barely able to feed themselves and when I started displaying “powers” as a child my parents were approached by an interested party. He offered my parents a generous amount of money and fed them some bull crap story being that he would adopt me and give me a better life that they could never provide and then employ me for my “powers”, they believed him and accepted.
This person worked for the government/military who then brainwashed me and taught me to be a weapon, they imprinted a simple phrase (Marshal’s eyes only) which made me susceptible to any command given without question and without remorse. I was regularly used to root out spies or people who were going to betray my empolyers via mind reading, I also carried out some assassinations, anything I did I would no longer remember afterwards. They gave me the alias Kano during the brainwashing and I forgot my real name.
Eventually the time came when I was drafted for the Faraway War, I was one my Sargent’s favorites as I would carry out jobs which the other sykers would have been conflicted about. I was frequently given orders to assassinate fellow sykers who were becoming unwilling or speaking out which became more frequent as the war went on. When I was doing missions as part of my squad the Screaming Eagles, I was originally part of Brain Dogs but my superior saw my results and showed favoritism and also wanted someone he could trust completely within their ranks so I was transferred. I was regularly the butt of most jokes within my squad for being a brain dog but we still became very close comrades. I regulary came across a Syker named Daniel Marin on the front lines and had a close friendship, he was loyal to his comrades and we saved each others lives several times on the front lines.
Then on a fateful day a few days into the red river canyon campaign we came across a squad of Anouks accompanied by a Skinny, during the skirmish the skinny assaulted my mind and my mind broke fortunately my friend Daniel killed it before it could gain control but the damage was done, unknown to me I was no longer under the influence of my mind control but still didn’t remember what I had done in the past under it……yet.
After a very long and exhausting fight we became very close relying on each other and with good teamwork we had won the red river war, but not without losing many fellow sykers which made many of us including me hate the anouks and skinnies for butchering many of our comrades.
When we returned to base my superior was very ungrateful for our efforts and called me to discuss something in private, he said (trigger phrase) pull out your pistol and shoot yourself. This triggered flashbacks of my past. he saw me struggling for the first time and became alarmed and went for his weapon. I shot first and he slumped down. I read his mind and discovered that he wanted me rid of out of fear that if I ever remembered and spoke out about his war crimes or came after him myself. Thankfully for me Daniel was listening in as he was concerned about me after the skinnie encounter so when they came in weapons drawn they didn’t gun me down and they read my mind and they believed my story, they also hated those in charge anyway for every sick act we all had to commit. When flying home we all vowed never to harm each other in the future. Me and Daniel swore to always have each others backs and I felt indebted to him.
When we arrived back and found home destroyed we became angry that we fought so hard and came home to ruin, many of us parted way but a couple of us stayed for a time but eventually we too parted ways, me and Daniel included. I became a bit of a loner (no memory of family or my real name) doing jobs for people, defending innocents, killing bandits etc trying to atone for my past which I was ashamed of, The worst of it is if somebody unknowingly speaks that phrase I may flip out but i was yet to discover this. After a while I received a message from my friend Daniel that he had started an academy called Jericho for inexperienced Syker kids and was in need or teachers and so I joined as teacher. He offered to use his staff to piece together what I had forgotten but chickened out thinking about my night terrors and what I might remember I won’t want to know (I regret this and want to go through with this when i’m ready). For a while everything was going well until someone spoke that dreaded phrase and I had my first blow up and accused a kid of trying to control me and I had to be knocked out. When I came to I was ashamed even though they understood why it had happened. They offered to potentially cure me of this trigger but it would mean going through and restoring my past memories which again I wasn’t ready for, they said I was too much of a danger to them without it so I chose to leave until i was ready. Daniel said I was welcome back anytime when I was ready and I said I if he ever needed my help I would return without question and offered further training if I needed it. I send messages to him now and then filling him in on what I’ve been up to and my location.


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