The Reaper Campaign

Mountain Pine Medical Research Facility
Session 18

“Should evil come upon us, the sword, or judgment, or pestilence, or famine, we will stand before this house and before You (for Your name is in this house) and cry to You in our distress, and You will hear and deliver us”

Chronicles 20:9


The Well-Travelled Road
Session 17

“And a highway will be there; it will be called the Way of Holiness; it will be for those who walk on that Way. The unclean will not journey on it; wicked fools will not go about on it.”

Isaiah 35:8

The Road to Junkyard

Roll Call - Counting the Cost
Session 16

“You shall surely strike the inhabitants of that city with the edge of the sword, utterly destroying it and all that is in it and its cattle with the edge of the sword.”

Deuteronomy 13:15

After Battle of Helena, Montana
After the explosion the panic in the Brotherhood line spreads like wild fire and the attack quickly collapses giving the handful of remaining defenders the chance to take stock of their losses and repair the breaches in the barricades. After a short time the other attacks also collapse.

Rose and Kano help the injured along the walls whilst Randall finishes of any injured Brotherhood he finds as his blood lust goes to the extreme as he decapitates a number of the dead and plants the heads on spikes along the wall! He also take a wounded captive alive for questioning.

Eventually all of the commanders report back to the headquarters in the gymnasium building and the full cost of the nights battle is realised with there being only 93 remaining defenders with over 60 being classed as critically or badly wounded and there are few in the remaining defenders who do not have some slight wounds. There are about 20 of the wounded who will not make the planned Project Lazarus escape and there is only Jessie Conner and another officer remaining plus Captain Smyth and Specialist Cairns.

When the remaining posse realise that Sheridon and Leotine are not in the gymnasium and they question Captain Smyth they come to the conclusion that it was they who blew the enemy up! Kano and two of the defenders, an older soldier called Reeves and a young women called Zatara go into the sewers to look for them.

In the sewers they find a number of Brotherhood dead and also the bodies of Duke and the guide, Reeves decides to take the body of Duke back and starts to cut it up which angers Kano who uses his abilities to make the soldier think Dukes dead head just snapped at him.

Captain Smyth says that there is a Lazarus chopper which was going to provide fire support to the defenders in the air which has stood down for the time being and he orders a council of war to assess the defences. It appears that the main school buildings had been lost before the Brotherhood fled following the explosion and most of the defenders there lost. The posse suggest that with the reduced numbers and the number who are too injured to travel, the plan to flee could be brought forward. It is agreed that this should be done and Smyth contacts Project Lazarus to organise.

The defenders collect Brotherhood weapons for the few defenders who will remain and all supplies that can’t be taken are collected into the gymnasium building and booby trapped with explosives. Captain Smyth says that he is too injured to travel and will not ask his men to stay and for him not to. It’s agreed that it will take two trips to flee and the posse split into two groups to make the journey with the remaining defenders. As the second group are waiting for the chopper they hear a large explosion coming from Helena, it looks like Captain Smyth took some with him!

When the second group land in New Jerusalem they see that the numbers have grown, the wounded have swamped the hospital tent and are being cared for by the people, there is food being prepared for them and their clothing is being washed or replaced. Coulthard says that there will be a meeting later that morning and to get some rest.

At the meeting in the Harbingers tent is Pastor Aaron who no longer looks as weak as he did and carries the silver crucifix and pistol on his belt, Coulthard, Specialist Cairns from Project Lazarus, Lt Jessie Conner and the other officer form Helena, the remaining posse members, North, Reeves and Zatara. The current situation is presented by each party.

Coulthard say the numbers at New Jerusalem have grown by about 200 to over a thousand souls excluding the Helena defenders and that there have been no fresh Brotherhood attack.

Specialist Cairns says that he has spoken to “The Colonel” and that Project Lazarus will no longer remain out of the fight and will do all it can to help the people flee to Junkyard by getting the sick, young and old there by air, helping set up the supply drops and by providing some Project Teams and their vehicles. He also says that Ike Taylor needs to speak to The Colonel and it suggested that Randall should go with the first team to Junkyard as he and Rose are the only remaining members of the posse known to the Iron Alliance and Laqutos go too to be repaired. He will give Ike the Radio and the frequency to contact Project Lazarus.

Rose will be a focal point for the people on the journey as her reputation and standing has grown and it is suggested that the groups leaving New Jerusalem should be staggered when departing but that it needs to be done as soon as possible and that teams of scouts need to be tasked to move ahead. The Harbinger says that he will not leave his people and that he will fight the Brotherhood to protect the innocent.

North suggests that she could take some people to Inspiration and tells those present about the community there and that the struggle with the Brotherhood needs to be recorded and that the dead of Helena need to be remembered also that the sacrifice of Sheridon and Leotine needs to be told to people so that they can see the bravery of the defenders against overwhelming odds.

The Wrath of God
Session 15

“For I the LORD thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee. Behold, I will make thee a new sharp threshing instrument having teeth: thou shalt thresh the mountains, and beat them small, and shalt make the hills as chaff”

Isaiah 41:13

The Battle of Helena, Montana
Rose moved to intercept the Trog and showed her fighting prowess again in a one sided battle she parried the beasts powerful blows and then delivered a flurry of killer blows. The mindless creature was no match for Rose as she danced around to its side and inflicted blow upon blow before the Trog succumbed to its wounds. Rose decapitates the beasts in defiance in full view of attackers and defenders alike.

Laqutos was helped by one of the defenders and initially began making his way to the gymnasium building but seeing that every man was needed at the second line changed his mind and made his way back to take his position and drew his handgun. The men and women with the Harbinger took up position at the second wall as Pastor Aaron and the Harbinger advance to the second breach with the Harbinger unleashing another blast of blinding light taking out a good number of the Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood leaders appeared to fire a bolt of energy from the staff they carried which hit the gymnasium building like an artillery shell blowing a large hole in the building wall. The blast appeared to come from the black stone set in the staff itself.

Rose seeing other Trogs crossing the barricade prepares herself for another battle and calls on her god to help her, “The Lord shall be my weapon and smite the Devil form before me.” she says and feels the strength of the Lord flow through her.

Meanwhile Kano’s victim lights his fire pot and causes mass destruction as Randall amends his force field into a dome around about 20-30 warriors who are all engulfed in the inferno as other pots explode in the crush and panic. Seeing this the warriors behind them begin to waver and then a number begin fleeing. Randall and a couple of others cross the barricade to show their defiance to the now routing warriors. Kano tries to help Rose as she battles with the new threat, for the Trog she is fighting though the battle is stacked against it and it falls to Rose the Relentless.

Sheridon and the guide planned to get as close as possible and throw the satchel charge into the Brotherhood commanders and the Doomsayer. Sheridon advanced as quietly as possible but at the same time as quickly as he could whilst the guide moved so far to provide a diversion with the flamer unit’s last shot.

As the guide fired the flamer unit which fell short of the Brotherhood he then flees back as agreed to the drain and is met by Leotine who has decided to help his companions. Sheridon got to within 10 yards before being stopped, bolts and javelins bounced off his armour and flight suit and it almost appeared as though he was wearing the protection of the gods.

As the Brotherhood raced to defend their leaders a group charged towards Sheridon with swords and knifes drawn, Leotine tries to take as many as he can with his bow but there are just too many. At the critical moment Sheridon stumbled and lost the initiative and is swarmed by the Brotherhood and gallantly tries to continue his mission but is unable to throw the charge whilst being hacked and stabbed.

With the timer ticking Leotine tries to help Sheridon but it is too late for the brave pair, Sheridon lets the satchel charge explode by his side and the hole of the hill is engulfed in the explosion which kills instantly or mortally wounds almost every person there. The others see a huge explosion and are not aware of the details of what had just happened. The Brotherhood warriors begin fleeing all along the wall.

Hold The Line
Session 14

“The beast I saw resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion. The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority”

Revelations 13:2

The Battle of Helena, Montana
The battle for the High School rages on above ground as below ground Sheridon and Leotine attempt to work out how far they have travelled and if they will appear in the middle of the battle or pop up beside the Doomsayer.

Laqutos manages to get himself up and try and make his way to the gym buildings, his wounded leg making the short distance a challenge. Whilst Randall continues to use his Atomic Powers to maintain the force field he has created plugging the gap in the breached defences. The attacking Brotherhood warriors are funnelled into the gap but are caught in the murderous cross fire of the defenders whilst other warriors push forward from the rear creating a crush at the atomic wall.

At the hill the Trolls are unleashed and they storm forward with their mutant handlers following behind them as they bound along like giant apes. When they hit the rear of the Brotherhood lines they force their way through attacking some warriors as they do so. They make their way to the walls but Randall has moved his force field to cover part of the barricades on either side of the whole and they have to move further down the barricade to climb over.

Another Atomic blast hits the barricade about 40 yards further down from the initial breach causing some the defenders to be forced to race to cover the new gap that the Brotherhood attackers are charging towards.

The Harbinger carried by the Big Guy and Pastor Aaron are advancing towards the action, the Harbinger unleashing a glowing energy bolt into the Brotherhood warriors at the new breach while the Pastor is holding a glowing silver crucifix and a pistol and is reciting the bible as he advances. Defenders appear to be rallying with them as they advance to the second line of defence.

Rose sees one of the Trolls heading to leap over the barricade and tries to cut it off by moving away from the barricade to the point she suspects the beast will leap over the defences.

In the sewers Sheridon and Leontine have travelled to the final exit gate and they decide that Leotine should stay at the locked gate while Sheridon and the guide sneak out to observe their position. After some difficulty Sheridon manages to force his the man whole cover up and can see that they are slightly short of the hill which is occupied by the Doomsayer and the Brotherhood commanders. The area is covered in rubble and they decide to sneak out and throw a satchel charge towards them and to then deal with the consequences.

Realising that neither of them have ever used plastic explosives of detonators Sheridon manages to use up his luck to guess how to set the timers and prepares to then make the throw of his life to land the satchel charge in the middle of the enemy.

Its a Good Night to Die
Session 13

“The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; the God of my strength, in Him I will trust, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold and my refuge, my Savior, You save me from violence.”
Samuel 22:2

The Battle of Helena, Montana
Sheridon, Leotine, Duke and the guide were travelling through the sewers hoping to attack the Doomsayer when they were alerted by Duke of a presence in the storm drain ahead and they could see the glow of a torch in the distance. Stopping and going dark they could hear the distant patter of feet but no voices. Using his keen hunters hearing Leotine thinks that they are sandaled feet and might be about 10 or more of them.

Deciding that the passage is too small to fight in Sheridon suggests moving back to an intersection he saw behind them and hide there, then to use the flamer units on the hopefully unsuspecting travellers. The group move in silence back to the four feet wide tunnel and then they have to climb up slightly in the dark. Once inside the passage the others moved some yards behind Sheridon who waits with the flamer unit. It’s dark, smelly and wet and the tension mounts with each second. Sheridon suddenly decides that if it was him walking down and passing a tunnel he would look inside before passing it so decided after weighing up the options to wait until they are nearly there and then lean out firing the flamer in the passage.

When the action starts the effect is devastating, some of the Brotherhood try to get past their fallen brothers and kill Sheridon but their panic and the ferocity of the attack causes them to run for their lives. Sheridon taking the other flamer unit gives chase with Leotine following him as Sheridon fires his SMG to ensure that the fleeing Brotherhood don’t regain their courage.

Meanwhile on the barricades Rose leaps into the fight with Kano in support while Randall throws ghost rock into the burning hole to double the effect of Laqutos’ fire pots before he was badly wounded. The Maelstrom power blasted through the passage way and up from the hole hopefully stopping the attack in its tracks.

On the barricades the remaining BloodDemon was on top on a defender pummelling him into the ground when Rose stepped into action. Blow upon blow rained down on the powerful beast who had already been injured, finally two savage blows destroyed the creatures face and shattered its skull. Rose the Relentless was in action again. Kano helped in the fight as Rose moved to battle another Brotherhood opponent, the roar of the nearby defenders stirred the others in the line to resist.

The Long Night of the Dead
Session 12

“And they came and besieged him in Abel of Bethmaachah, and they cast up a bank against the city, and it stood in the trench: and all the people that were with Joab battered the wall, to throw it down.”

Samuel 20:15

The Battle of Helena, Montana
The posse are listening to the Brotherhood assault, gunfire from the defenders is heard from every direction of the high school but most intensely from the East and the West. The fighting is vicious with waves of Brotherhood warriors crashing onto the defenders who are hard pressed to hold them at bay, now and then small breaches are made with the handful of marksmen in the second line of defence being called into action.

Rose looks through the improvised loop holes on the Western wall and witnesses an explosion and blinding light against the outer barricades. The blast appears to be coming from some raised ground behind the attacking Brotherhood warriors and from someone wearing some green robes!

Randall grabbing some binoculars sees a Doomsayer with the power of the atom glowing in his hands and some Troggs with their mutant handlers. Rose decides to make her way out to the thick of the action and is followed by Kano, Laqutos and Randall following preparing his own powers of the atom. Rose ran ahead of the others drawing her swords, Laqutos took a Brotherhood fire pot out of his rucksack and Kano also drew his sword.

As the blinding light cleared a large BloodDemon breaches the wall and is the spear point of the Brotherhood attack hurling defenders who stood in its path into the air. A man fought the beast with an axe as bullets bounced off the creatures hide or had little effect, an older defender frantically raced along the line of defence with a double barrelled shotgun to try and kill the beast.

As the posse reached the second line of defence an explosion shook the ground as a gaping whole appeared in the ground about 40 yards from the posse and as the dust and smoke cleared Brotherhood warriors appeared swarming to attack the front and second line of defence.
Randall unleashed an atomic blast which hurled the BloodDemon back over the barricade into the Brotherhood warriors but it is replaced by a second creature who is shot by the shotgun wielding warrior.

Randall used his atomic power to terrify the Brotherhood warriors who had emerged from the hole and Laqutos used up his stock of fire pots with devastating effect on the frightened warriors who’s own pots exploded as they fell back into the inferno hole. Kano had also been blooding his sword as he tried to keep in contact with Rose and despatched a pair of Brotherhood fighters.

In the gymnasium Sheridon and Leotine had been tasked with protecting the Harbinger and Captain Smyth could tell by the Captains orders that the northern part of the defence was also being attacked but the Captain sent a runner to pull troops back to the Western wall. They asked the Captain if there are any tunnels that they could use to try and kill the Doomsayer and if so are there any explosives or flamethrowers. The Captain said some of the tunnels did indeed go to the West and gave them a lone guide with keys for the gates and also a couple disposable flamer unit and some C4.

As the small group made their way down into the smaller sewers the sound of battle could be heard above, Leotine in front with Duke followed by the guide and then Sheridon. The smaller sewers lead towards the Brotherhood lines and hopefully open up near the Doomsayer and his mutants.

As Rose and the others get closer to the frontline they are shot at by Brotherhood warriors from the walls and Laqutos is hit in the leg by a Brotherhood javelin knocking him to the ground when he is nearly hit by crossbow fire too. He is clinging on to consciousness after previously being wounded in the same leg. Kano who had drawn his gun reacted to Laqutos being hit and also the death of a young defender and shot at the enemy attackers killing a pair.

The situation is desperate and can the frontline looks like being overwhelmed by the Brotherhood but perhaps the arrival of the posse will save the day.

Bring Out Your Dead
Session 11

There was a little city, and few men within it; and there came a great king against it, and besieged it, and built great bulwarks against it:

Ecclesiastes 9:14

The Battle of Helena, Montana
The Project Lazarus Helicopter banks to the south and after about 4 miles drops down to a clearing in the woods. After communicating with Helena and then their command they prepare to drop the posse for a quick disembarkation and also to pick up a number of badly wounded fighters. Commander Hadden hands a small radio to Sheridon along with a frequency to use to contact Project Lazarus and to then take to Ike Turner at Junkyard.

The posse are met by a rag tag group of fighters who form a protective cordon around the craft while others ferry a number of severely wounded fighters to safety. Seeing the desperate state of these wounded fighters prompts the posse to assist as stretcher bearers. When the task is finished the posse are introduced to a young man in a mixture of combat gear and civilian clothing. He says he is acting First Lt. Jessie Conner. He will lead the posse in through the towns storm drains and is surprised to see the Harbinger there but is thankful of some replacements no matter how small.

The group are taken to a concealed and reinforced locked storm drain gate which the group are led through in strict silence by the 20 or so warriors. The journey is difficult and the passages pass through to others which are also protected by reinforced gates. After a while Conner calls for a rest brake and briefly brings the posse up to date with a situation report which does not contain many positive points.

He says that there about 175-200 fighters remaining, many of them wounded but that they have been helped by the supply drops and have recently been bolstered by a squad of a dozen Special Forces types from Project Lazarus who have been setting up automated defences and acting as a spearhead attacking force. They are under their own command and are led by Specialist Max Cairns. They are holding a position around the high school and its fields but are desperately struggling to hold their position with their dwindling numbers with the most ferocious fighting taking place night and day around what was once the football pitch.
When the posse enter the defences they are pulled up from the drain system into the school buildings and search out the command centre in the gymnasium where the defenders are currently planning the defences. The defenders commander was badly wounded the previous day but is refusing to leave his position. He was burned when one of his spare magazines was hit. Captain Evan Smyth was the head of a local militia group and was a Captain in an armoured Division in the war before being injured. He received a purple heart and an artificial leg.

Rose helps his wounds by laying on hands and the posse are introduced to the officers and Specialist Max Cairns of Project Lazarus who provides a sit rep on the Project and each officer also reports on their area of the defences. The posse learn that the high school is attacked during the day by the Brotherhoods Mercenaries and at night by the Brotherhood and that the Brotherhood have been using BloodDemons. Various plans are discussed but finally it is decided to ask Project Lazarus to use its two large copters to collect the defenders outside of Helena and then move them near New Jerusalem. Then drop groups and supplies on route to Junkyard so that these can be used by the people of New Jerusalem as they make their way to Junkyard.

This escape is planned for the following night with those too injured to make the journey staying to provide what defence they can during the withdrawal. Sheridon wants to go scouting with Specialist Cairns and hunt the BloodDemons or a portal to Gods Stable but eventually it is decided that they should prepare for the following night and protect the Harbinger during the coming nightly assault.

The sound of battle stops and then the chant of the Brotherhood can be heard followed by the howls of death from four pairs of BloodDemons. It is going to be a very long, bloody and costly night!

The Storm
Session 10

“The Lord shall go forth like a mighty Man; He shall stir up His zeal like a Man of War. He shall cry out, yes, shout aloud; He shall prevail against His enemies.”

Isaiah 42:13

The road to Helena, Montana
Travelling along the 287 to Townsend the posse can see that there is a storm in the distance towards Helena and can hear either the sound of thunder or the sound of war. Storms are a worry in the Deadlands, will it be just a normal storm sent from nature or a storm full of spirts sent from hell or ghost rock!!

They pass through the ruined small town of Townsend just south of Ferry Lake and as they decided the day is drawing in it would be wise to find a suitable place to rest for the night before it gets dark. As they approach Ferry Lake they see a ruined Rest Stop / Fuel Station in the distance.

On inspection the Rest Stop has been boarded up and is a single story cinder block construction with a garage, diner and fuel station. The windows and doors all look secure and as the posse split up it starts to rain heavily. Flagg and Kano go round the building and see there are separate toilets to the side of the building and at the rear is a ruined trailer, its windows and doors long since gone and a couple of ruined cars. They climb up on to the roof which would be a good defensive position and see the sky light has been boarded and that there are some aerials and a broken satellite dish.

Rose after being cleared by Randall forces her way in through the door and is shocked when Randall forces one of the wooden panels from the skylight to give her some light and it crashes to the floor. Looking round with Leotine it looks cleared out and there is a kitchen, shop and door to the workshop area.

Sheridon and Laqutos decide despite the rain to check out the lake and make their way under the decrepit canopy above the rotten fuel pumps. At the lake the water looks clean and there are fish, Laqutos tries to shoot one with his bow but decides not to waste arrows after he fails to hit.

In the garage there are some tools, a pile of old tyres and batteries, a work pit and some shelving with boxes. Kano stumbles upon a forgotten box with some mil-rats which is a welcome relief and Rose finds two oil lanterns. Unfortunately there are no parts to repair Laqutos but he does take some tools and there is no food in the kitchen. As Pastor Aaron drives the police car into the garage the storm is getting worse, the wind is getting up and the sound of thunder is rolling along the lake. Randall and Laqutos repair the skylight and it’s decided to make sure the place is secure and then drive the police car over the pit and for everyone to rest in the damp but secure pit and get some chow and rest.

As the sound of the storm hits it is truly apocalyptic, the building is rattling, the garage doors although well secured with timber and chains sound as though they will be ripped apart at any moment. The sounds of the spirts can be heard above the wind and the rain, the Harbinger says not to worry and that they will all be safe.

In the morning the posse are up bright and early despite the terrors of the night before. Sheridon recognises the sound of aircraft and uses Laqutos’ Radar power to ping the bird. He then hails the craft on his radio as it passes by and the posse try to catch a glimpse of the bird through cracks in the boards that they had secured the night before. Sheridon tries to bluff the unknown craft by saying he is a Mercenary unit taking weapons to the front to sell to whoever will buy but he is cut short by the pilot who drops the line.

Realising that maybe he has blown his chance Sheridon quickly back tracks and says he has a representative from the Templars with him and is making his way to Helena. The pilot asks for his position and the craft is heard returning and lands on the road. As the posse get out they can see a large military twin bladed helicopter, sporting missiles and mini guns the pilot is stood beside two snipers and a gunner, all in uniform. Randall recognises a symbol of their uniforms and the helicopter as the same on some equipment from Jon Stiener. They are Project Lazarus!!!

The pilot introduces himself as Commander Jake Hadden, HAWK 74. He is on route to Helena with supplies for the resistance and is shocked when Sheridon introduces the Harbinger. He offers to give the posse a ride to Helena and fill them in on the journey. The front he says is fluid and that they will drop supplies from the air and provide air support for the defenders on the ground.

Randall asks about how they will get into Helena and is told that there is a drop about 4 miles south of Helena but it will need to be checked first. Sheridon asks if they will provide more assistance and for a way of communicating with Hadden who says he will need authorisation and evades some of the questions.

When they get to Helena they can see a ferocious battle taking place, the defenders are defending around the high school and its grounds and the supplies are dropped as the bird weaves and strafes the Brotherhood attackers. The bird then banks to the south heading to the drop off site.

Be gone Servant of the Devil
Session 9

“Behold, the day cometh, that shall burn like an oven; and all proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble”.

Malachi 4:1

The road to Helena, Montana
Laqutos and Sheridon have both been stunned by the explosion and Rose, Randall, Kano and Pastor Aaron all feel the blast but are not injured.

Although blown to the ground by the exploding SUV the Biker still manages to retain a grip on his deadly pump action and then begins to rise up, smoke coming from his signed body, forcing Rose and Kano to retreat back to the police car as they had begun to advance on the force of evil.

Kano and Randall have a plan and Kano advances along the side of the road and begins to use his Hallucination power to force the Biker to receive a vision of a mob of angry villagers advancing upon him. He is unable to resist this and begins to fire grenades towards them. As he does so Randall advances along behind the burning SUV approaching him from the rear.

Suddenly the Harbinger shouts “Be gone Servant of the Devil” as a blinding light hits the Biker who is flung 20 feet into the air and held there as a battle of spirits is played out between the two before the Biker is flung to the ground, still holding his shotgun!

Randall casts his Maelstrom ability on a small piece of Ghost Rock which he places on the Biker and a great blast of atomic power creates the walls of the Maelstrom. Randall feels tainted and can feel the power source of another atomic power.

Sheridon who had been aiming at the Biker is aided by Pastor Aaron and Randall who use first aid on his wounds. He then decides to try and make his way over to the Harley Davidson and get it going which proves fruitless as it will not start for him and weight of the machine causes his freshly bandaged wounds to bleed again.

Laqutos makes his way over to the Harbinger along with Rose to see they can help Margaret and the Big Guy. When they get there the Big Guy is wounded and is sit upright on the ground. The Harbinger is desperately trying to help Margaret who is clearly dead. Rose uses her Lay on Holds ability to help heal the Big Guy and then the group lay Margaret to rest.

Laqutos wants to scavenge some parts from the Harley and Sheridon wants to attach it to the police car but despite their wishes the rest of the group overrule them and the bike is blown up. The police car has some modifications made to it before fitting everyone in /on it for the journey north to Helena.


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