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The Reaper Campaign - Season 2
Season 2 Introduction and Season 1

The Reaper Campaign Season 1 ran from around 2001 to 2007 with the original Posse consisting of Randall Flagg a Doomsayer, Cole Bradock an ex Blackhat, Kess Whinfield a Templar Knight and Mathew Gideon Carlyle a Law Dog. Over time they would be joined/replaced by others, Johnny Colorado a Combine Assassin / Scout, Patrick Lostman a Postman and Clinton Jefferson Jones a former Soldier being the most notable.

The campaign is a home brewed mixture of ideas from RPG’s such as The Morrow Project and Aftermath, The Stand by Stephen King and the Wolf in Shadow and Last Guardian books by David Gemmell and films such as The Postman and Mad Max. It has the published Hell on Earth Story Arc woven in when it fits the campaign and many of the published adventures have been played as written with little alteration.

The Group remained consistent early on with one player leaving in around 2004/5 and then another two around 2006. The only constant was Randall Flagg although his player did also play Johnny Colorado whilst the game was also played on a one to one with Randall as he went on his own journey.

The current group plays every Tuesday for about 3 hours and have played a number of different games from WFRP, Star Wars, Shadowrun, AFMBE, Witchcraft, Call of Cthulhu and others. After a number of new family additions and group changes it was decided to play Hell on Earth again after finishing a long running Masks of Nyarlathotep Campaign that had ran with some small brakes for over three years.

The original Reaper Campaign has been classed as Season 1 with the new session as Season 2. Each Session begins with a summary of the last session and the music of the Blue Oyster Cult, ’Don’t Fear the Reaper’ and then a Biblical Quote appropriate to the coming session.

A Brief History of The Reaper Campaign and what happened in Season 1

The Adventure Continues
Session 1

“Then The Lord Said Unto Me, Out Of The North An Evil Shall Break Forth Upon All Of The Inhabitants Of The Land.”

Jeremiah 1:14

New Jerusalem, Montana
The Posse decided to travel to New Jerusalem after meeting Saul and Larry Rexing who were heading to Grand Junction to prepare the defences against the Combine. There are stories of the arrival of the Harbinger in the shape of a small baby who is fluent in many languages and is a beacon of hope.

The babe is in a small town called New Jerusalem in Montana and is about forty miles south of Helena. The town is protected by a motley collection of Mutants, Militia, Old World Indian tribes and many others, however the town is directly in the path of the Brotherhood of Caine’s invasion south.

Saul transported the Posse as close to the town as possible using his powers. The town is in a rich valley with good soil for crops and grazing, a clean river running through and trees for building. The people had started building a wooden church as the first permanent building, there are pens for animals, wooden stockades for pickets and tents for protection from the elements. In the centre a large crowd gathered around the babe with many people queuing to see the child.

Introduced to Commander Lewis Coulthard an ex police officer the group are shown to the tent of the Harbinger who they eventually meet along with Margret who found the child, an Indian Brave with a Wolf and a large man with a shaven head and jail yard tattoos. There is a strange feeling of peace from the child who explains that Margaret found him 9 months ago wrapped in blanket by the river, Margaret adds that when she held the child her gunshot wound healed.

The babe held the hands of all of the Posse and looked into their hearts, there was a “Mexican Standoff” as Laqutos approached the babe the wolf began growling and it emerged that he was a Cyborg. Kano vouched for him after Coulthard, Rose and Randall threatened action. Randall was greatly angered when the babe would not give him orders and said the valley would shield the people from the Brotherhood.

New Jersusalem
Session 2

“They hunt our steps that we cannot go in our streets: our end is near, our days are fulfilled.”
Lamentations 4:18

New Jerusalem, Montana
The group begin to explore the “town”, Rose sought out the Church and the Pastor, Aaron Gould, who invited her to that nights thanksgiving at which he welcomed Randall and Rose to the community. Sheridon, Kano and Laqutos all took a turn on watch at one of the stockades after seeking out Commander Coulthard.

Later that night a hunter called North returned along with another Hunter carrying a calf between them, the nearest stockade appeared to recognise her but Kano used his powers to check if she was lying. She said her name was Thorn but folks knew her as North. The other hunter carried some wounds that were healing, perhaps a few weeks old. North said they had found some tracks to the North East and was going to report to Coulthard.

Flagg and Rose spoke to Coulthard and a disagreement about the direction the Harbinger was taking ensued between Flagg and Coulthard, it was about to boil over when North approached and said she had found some tracks that ended in a circle of scorched grass about four miles North West of the valley. Coulthard said that a pair of hunters are overdue, old Jonsie and a kid who tagged along with him, they were a couple of days late.

Just then a beast howled from the west some distance away, it sounded like nothing most people had ever heard before. Sheridon, scoured the woods to see if he could see anything, Kano climbed a tree to use his powers to watch and Laqutos used his Radar ability to monitor for signs but received too many hits with all of the wildlife and the terrain.

There was another deeper, more growling noise from the east and Leotine with his wolf Duke, Flagg and Rose went to investigate. They found two stockades of sentries about 40 yards apart. Suddenly a giant animal burst out of the undergrowth and charged at the stockade they were in. Randall saw movement towards the other stockade also, Leotine froze when he saw the 9 feet tall giant creature charging at them, half bear half mountain lion.
One of the sentries bolted, the other two fired along with Rose but with little effect, Randall blasted the beast with the powers of the atom but it continued its charge. Duke charged at the beast but in a grossly unequal battle was tossed 20 feet away by the beast. Rose drew both swords and standing atop the stockade fought the beast, slashing its stomach and arm before nearly decapitating it after seeing a black stone imbedded in its throat which dulled as the creature died.

At the other stockade clay pots of fire were thrown along with small javelin’s and the sentries looked they were overpowered by a charge of robbed warriors. Leotine desperate to find Duke charged out despite these warriors to the aid of his beloved companion.

On the other side of the valley Kano spotted groups of movement in the woods and the trio readied themselves for the imminent action.

The Brotherhood Attack
Session 3

“Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is”

John 3:2

New Jerusalem, Montana
Sheridon, Kano and Laqutos prepared for the imminent action, Kano hurried down from his vantage point to get into the stockade but before he could a horde of attackers charged forward, two groups providing support and a larger group charging for the stockade. The stockade was hit by crossbow bolts, javelin’s and pots of exploding sticky fire! Sheridon sprayed the group with lead but missed totally.

One pot almost burst through the entrance of the stockade before Laqutos had to duck from a javelin that was destined for his chest, as he did so Sheridon sprayed the group again, this time dropping one of them. Disaster stuck as Laqutos was hit by an exploding fire pot as Sheridom used the last rounds in his magazine.

Meanwhile Kano had used his abilities to mimic the attackers and sneak up on a group who had been bombarding the stockade with crossbow bolts. He took control of the one of the attackers and forced him to shoot his comrades, very powerful!

Laqutos ran out of the stockade and rolled around flattening the flames that engulfed him just before the stockade was swarmed by the warriors. Sheridon drew a handgun and grenade and pulled the pin! Smoke billowed into the faces of the attackers giving him the chance to miraculously escape certain death.

Meanwhile at the same time in the East Rose caught her breath after killing the creature and noticed that the other stockade was in the process of being overran, she sprayed one of the groups with bullets but missed. Randall approached the body of the beast for some reason and Leotine continued searching for Duke with no regard for his own wellbeing. Luckily for him North had followed the group and shot a warrior just as he was about to shot him.

Randall whispered words of power to the corpse of the beast and it rose up against its former allies, seeing this the warriors began fleeing in panic after Randall commanded them to flee in a voice of doom. Leotine found the body of Duke, broken and blooded and decided to take it to back to the Harbinger.

Rose's Rage
Session 4

And Joshua said to them, “Do not be afraid or dismayed; be strong and courageous. For thus the Lord will do to all your enemies against whom you fight.”

Joshua 10:25

New Jerusalem, Montana
Kano stood over the two bodies of the warriors that had been shot by the warrior he had taken over and the injured one called out “Cain Protect Me” and pulled the small stone from around his neck and died as his body convulsed violently. Looking at the bodies they had pallid skin, scared where lesions had healed on their bodies and a tattoo with the Mark of Cain on their chest. The controlled warrior began firing upon his former comrades who now charged towards him and Laqutos.

Laqutos managed to crawl away into some bushes and began arming himself with his bow, Sheridon also hid in some undergrowth and began firing on the warriors, one of whom fell to his aim. The three sentries in the other stockade began firing upon the charging warriors along with another group who had luckily approached from the town. The group were all killed or injured and were finished off by Sheridon who stockpiled most of their weapons.

Kano restrained his warrior before releasing his controlling power, taking him to the town to be questioned.

Rose, North and Randall advanced protected by a Power of the Atom force field shield when a warrior appeared from the stockade, a sword dripping in blood carrying a severed head! He charged and as Randall dropped the force field Rose stepped into his path and in two movements of her swords his head was separated from his body. He was joined by two other warriors, one of whom North felled immediately with one shot and he fell back into the stockade. The other advanced for a few more heart beats before North killed him with another single shot but not before he had hurled a poisoned javelin which landed at the feet of Randall.

Rose’s rage overtook her as she surveyed the barbaric scene of destruction in the stockade, terrible things had been done to the defenders and she decapitated the remaining injured warrior as Randall left the severed heads impaled upon javelins as a warning to the Brotherhood.

Leotine bandaged Duke and using all of his strength carried him to the Harbinger’s tent, as he lay the body of his companion on some animal skins the full extent of the wolfs wounds could be seen. It was also plain to see to all in the Harbinger’s tent that the wolf was dead. Asking the Harbinger to help bring Duke back to life the Harbinger replied that he could not and that Duke might be different if he did. However an impassioned plea by Leotine begging that the Harbinger help his only companion in the world saw the babe lay his small hands on the animal’s wounds. After a short time the animal’s eyes flickered and his chest slowly began to rise and fall. The strain was great for the Harbinger who was visibly weakened by the effort.

Kano’s prisoner was taken to Coulthard’s tent to be questioned, the frightened baying crowd had to be held back by some of Coulthard’s guards. Violence did not have any effect upon him so Kano used his powers to question him. When asked about his plans he replied, “Kill, Burn, Destroy” and “capture it and take it back”, he sunk his teeth into the ear of one of the guards and began chanting.

“Wherever and Whenever we appear
we leave only destruction in our wake;
we are the Lords of Death,
Bringers of War,
The Dark Angels,
The Brotherhood of Caine”

In a blind fit of rage Rose drew her sword and decapitated her third Brotherhood warrior that night with total disregard for using the now useless small stone around his neck to activate the portals back to Gods Stable!

The Tale Telling of Thorn Evans
Session 5

New Jerusalem, Montana – Thorn’s Tale Telling

Thorn stood before the camp of New Jerusalem and gently cleared her throat.
She had sat before other camps in other settlements and other towns. She had shared tales in sparse classrooms and rundown town halls, she had told her tales to a few raggedy folk on the road. Thorn had sat round smaller fires and shared stories to lesser numbers but the thought of telling a tale in front of all these people did not make her nervous. This was her first big crowd. And the scale of the job did not deter her. The message would be the same.
Any doubts or any hesitation about her speeches were long forgotten. Thorn knew what she was doing was right. No one could question her motives or her reasons.

Thorn had already cleared her voice once and from experience she knew that it was sufficient enough to start the speech. Not everyone would be listening but the end of the speech, the good folk of New Jerusalem would give her their full attention.

“You have all traveled to New Jerusalem for all kinds of reasons. Most of you seek the Harbinger and need his help and his guidance. You have not taken the decision lightly. You have left previous lives to travel here, to this valley. You have left that life to start a new life here. And to call this place home.
I have traveled far to come here. I have left my home and my family to seek out a better life for myself and for others. On my journey I have lost friends and loved ones. But I have also found companions along the way. Those companions have become friends. Over time I would learn to trust these folk with my life.
But I am no different to you. You have all traveled the wastes. You have suffered hardships worse than me. You might have enjoyed the journey better than others.
But our fascinating individual stories will have parallels, similarities and differences but we all have one common thread. We all have achieved something wonderful that you may not realize. Maybe you have not had the time for it to sink in. Maybe its never occurred to you give it a thought. I want you all to stop and think on this obvious and fantastic fact. I want you to take the time to share your greatest achievement.
We have all SURVIVED. Through design or destiny, fate or choice you have become survivors! You have survived many conflicts, hardships and obstacles to arrive here and call this place home. You are all SURVIVORS!
Yes, some of you have achieved this at a great cost. But you have survived your journey and you are all here to start afresh. You are here to begin again. Look around and witness what you have achieved here. Look at this camp! Look at the church! This is all yours. This is a result of your selfless hard work. You should look to yourselves with great pride. The carpenters, the medics, the hunters, the cooks, the mothers and fathers amongst you. You have all made a powerful contribution to call New Jerusalem home.
You have achieved great things. The Harbinger may be the beacon of New Jerusalem but you amazing people are the light to guide others to a new life. To prove to others that we can overcome anything that could block our way.
Tonight I have witnessed acts of astonishing bravery and courage. Acts of strength and self sacrifice I never thought possible. I watched in disbelief as Rose, the fearless Templar amongst us, confronted and slaughtered the beast of nightmares. The colossal creature growled a blood curdling roar which would make most men sprint for their lives. But Rose The Relentless stood atop a stockade and set upon the monster with her flashing blades. The animal had vastly under estimated the heroic Templar. In no time at all, Rose’s swords had cut down the beast. Rose dodged jagged teeth and killer claws and with a few well chosen blows, the monstrous head was severed and left hanging from its lifeless body, a bloody warning to all her enemies.
The brave, selfless actions of Rose are further hope to us all. We have nothing to fear. Against greater odds, we can succeed. We are a legacy to others. A voice that will be heard.
We must continue with these tales of courage and hope. We must tell others and keep the darkness back. Together we will push the evil away and the good in us, the good in others, will prove we can triumph against our enemies. FOR WE ARE NEW JERUSALEM AND WE ARE HOPE!”

Thorn’s stirring voice echoed through and over the captivated crowd. Her message of hope weaved it’s way through the people and found it’s way into their open hearts. There was a stillness, a moment of contemplation. And then the good folk of New Jerusalem erupted with valiant and inspiring shouts of new found conviction. “Hope!” “Hope!” “HOPE!” Thorn Evans sat back down and smiled.
Rose the Relentless
Session 5

“Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful”

Proverbs 27:6

New Jerusalem, Montana
After the attack the posse learns from Coulthard that other posts had been hit at the same time as they had and that a young runner had come into camp to say that at a southern post two of the defenders had been captured. The youngster when questioned says that his post was hit in the same way as the posse had been, they couldn’t see the nearest bunker to them but heard the defenders screaming and when it was over and he crawled over to investigate one was dead and the other two were missing but their weapons had been left.

Sheridon, Kano and Leotine decide to investigate to see if there are any tracks to follow. They are not disappointed and Leotine finds the trail and the trio along with the young boy follow. Both men have been dragged out of the stockade to the trees and there are droplets of blood and about a dozen sets of tracks. However the group are slowed down when Leotine is nearly hit by a crossbow bolt. They follow for most of the night until coming across one of the men staked on the other side of a stream.

When they investigate than man is tied hand and foot and has been impaled on 6 stakes, the young boy offers words of comfort and the sentry whisper’s two word, “Green Robes” to him. Leaving the boy with the dying sentry the group follow and eventually come across a Brotherhood portal atop a small rocky hill. Sheridon suggested watching the portal all night along with troops sent by Coulthard and then building a trap around out. The others return to the now dead sentry and the boy.

The following day is a day of rest, the posse find out that the dead will be buried in the afternoon. Leotine thanks the Harbinger for Dukes life although Sheridon is not so pleased and questions if it was right to bring the wolf back when others had died too.

After the burials there is a thanksgiving celebration and North calls all there to listen to her oratory performance when she praises the survivors of New Jerusalem and tells the tale of Rose “the Relentless” battling the beast and encourages all the survivors to tell their tales to hold the darkness at bay. She finishes her performance with the words “FOR WE ARE NEW JERUSALEM AND WE ARE HOPE” and the crowd enchanted by her tale begin chanting “Hope!” “Hope!” “HOPE!” Suddenly everyman, women and child is Rose the Relentless….

The Harbinger call the posse to his tent and tells them of the latest news from Helena were the town is now cut off. He has realised the position New Jerusalem is in and despatches the Pastor to meet with Ike Turner and the Iron Alliance at Junkyard. He also says that he has realised that to defeat the Brotherhood the head of the beast needs cut off and asks the travel using the portal to slay Cain!!

Suddenly there are noises outside and one of North’s travelling companions burst through into the tent as one of the dead sentry’s falls through the flaps. In her hand is a detonator device which she is about to press when she is stopped in mid stride by the Harbinger, her fingers on the trigger but unable to press it……

The Changing Faces of the Assassin
Session 6

“And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”

Mathew 16:18

New Jerusalem, Montana
The posse react first to protect the Harbinger, with Rose the Relentless drawing her swords and stepping in front of the Harbinger, Randall pouncing on the rigid body of the assassin, knocking her over and removing the explosive switch for Sheridon to disable.

Kano went to the aid of the guard who had fallen into the tent and who was now bleeding all over the floor, dropping a set of restraints to Randall on the way. Holding his hands to the wound he realised the soldier was dying and dragged him over to the Harbinger hoping that he would be able to repeat the rescue of Duke. Kano realised that when the Harbinger released the assassin to try and rescue the soldier she would need to be restrained.

When the Harbinger did release the assassin a strange transformation occurred with the face of the women changing to her dead and then to man who had arrived the previous day who the posse had spoken with about the Lone Biker and then into someone who they had never seen but who had a look of wasteland scum about him. Kano and Randall began preparing abilities to use on him.

Laqutos secured the entrance of the tent and could see a second sentry on the ground outside. It looked as though the attack had not been noticed by the residents of New Jerusalem. Laqutos saw North and called for her to come to the tent.

Leotine began trying to restrain the man but struggled for some time and eventually with the help of Sheridon managed to use Kano’s restraints on him.

Kano began questioning the man who had a black stone in his possession after using an ability that forced him to tell the truth without realising he had done so. After some questioning it came out that the man was some kind of scout looking for the Harbinger and served someone called the “Supreme Death Master” who could see through his eyes. It appeared that he didn’t know the location of the Harbinger and had been travelling south when he came across some pilgrims travelling to New Jerusalem and had killed one of the men and had taken his form. He must have killed North’s companion yesterday and took her form.

Kano’s rage took him and he told the man that Supreme Death Master would not see any more through him and gouged the man’s eyes out. The screaming assassin was put out of his misery by Coulthard.

The Harbinger had been struggling to help the sentry and was helped by Rose. Sheridon and surprisingly Leotine both heavily criticised the Harbinger and Leotine especially cast some hurtful accusations toward the Harbinger being to blame for the recent deaths for bringing people to New Jerusalem when it was not safe.

The posse argued that it would be wise to move the whole community perhaps to Junkyard even though this would involve moving nearly a thousand people six hundred miles! The Harbinger said he would deliberate that night and give an answer the following morning.

In the morning when the posse arrive at the tent they find despite sentries being stationed all night at the entrance of the tent that Margaret, the big guy and the Harbinger are gone. Coulthard is livid. Kano uses his abilities and can see the group walking North along the river near a broken road about 5 miles away, however in his image its dawn and could be a couple of hours ago.

In Search of the Harbinger
Session 7

No weapon that is fashioned against you shall succeed, and you shall refute every tongue that rises against you in judgment. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD and their vindication from me, declares the LORD.”

Isaiah 54:17

New Jerusalem to Helena, Montana
The posse decide to follow the Harbinger and try to bring him back to New Jerusalem and Coulthard tells them that he has a hideout with a SUV and his old police car, both fuelled and ready to go. He gives them directions to the covered bridge where they are hidden two miles north.

Leotine stays in New Jerusalem with Coulthard to organise the people for the travel to Junkyard whilst Pastor Aaron accompanies the posse as he can drive. The posse begin their journey and follow the river north, following Coulthard’s directions they find the covered bridge and the vehicle along with their emergency fuel, food and weapons. Sheridon is tempted to make a run for it with them but is quickly shown how wrong these thoughts are. Sheridon, Flagg and Rose take the police car whilst Aaron, Kano and Laqutos take the SUV. They decided to communicate between cars using Laqutos’s radio frequency.

After a short journey the group come across the Harbinger, Margaret and the Big Guy a short distance away. Parking the cars and leaving the drivers the others make their way to meet the Harbinger who when questioned says that he has decided to make his way to Helena to rescue his people and bring them to safety. When asked how he intended to do this his reply was that god had given him powers and that he would make a path through the enemy like Moses spreading the Red Sea for his people fleeing the Egyptians!

The posse decide to go with him and help him get back to his people at New Jerusalem and the Harbinger says that his people will need the fighters at Helena for the journey to Junkyard.

Travelling north the posse come to the ruined town of Three Forks, the junction of three roads and the ruined town looks deserted and burned out. There was some debate as to if the town could be avoided but it was decided to press on and be vigilant. At the centre of town there are four mutants crucified outside of the town hall. All have been shot and although the group don’t get out of the vehicles they think the bodies are not fresh but also have not been here for too long.

Sheridon who had been scanning for Sky Pirate radio traffic suddenly hears a strange radio broadcast.

“It’s over folks, they’ve launched. New York is already gone. The news said the rest of us have only minutes. Signing off, signing off. Here’s a little Kansas to die by, this is Joe Stonewall saying thank you and goodbye listener, this is the last broadcast of KRC

Then “The end of the world as we know it by REM” plays. Sheridon tries other frequencies and the transmission appears to be on all channels!

Checking with the other vehicle it would appear that they have not heard the radio transmission. Laqutos uses his Radar and does not pick up any radio signals. The SUV had the Harbinger, Margaret and the Big Guy with them and it’s suspected that perhaps the signal is maybe not being picked up because of the Harbingers presence.

Deciding to get out of the town the group hit the open road passing signs for Toston and Toston Dam before approaching Townsend and Ferry Lake. All of the towns are burned out ruins the same as Three Forks. The posse have felt uneasy and Randall notices Sheridon constantly checking his rear view mirror.

Suddenly, about a mile and a half behind a lone biker appears and begins closing on them. The posse begin deliberating what to do when Randall took control and says to barricade the road and fight before he is on them.

As everyone gets out of the vehicles, Margaret and the Big Guy take the Harbinger away from the vehicles. Randall prepares a power to put a force field in front of the barricade, Rose draws her swords and Sheridon puts the suicide vest in a blanket and pretends it’s a baby!

The rider stops about a mile out and looks to be on an oversized Harley, a large man, holding what looks like a rifle or shotgun. He rev’s the bike and speeds towards the posse popping grenades from an underslung grenade launcher at ridiculous range as he does.

At about 150 yards out he begins firing the shotgun which peppers the police car and then crashes into Randall’s force field at about 100 yards, his bike skidding along the road surface until it stops about 70 yards out. The biker gets up, sniffs the air in the direction of the Harbinger and laughs manically. He’s about 7’ tall, in his 50’s and looks like Kris Kristofferson on steroids. Armed with a shotgun, grenade launcher, multiple hand guns and carrying bandoliers of grenades and shells he is a one man war machine. He lowers the shotgun and fires.


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