The Reaper Campaign

Roll Call - Counting the Cost

Session 16

“You shall surely strike the inhabitants of that city with the edge of the sword, utterly destroying it and all that is in it and its cattle with the edge of the sword.”

Deuteronomy 13:15

After Battle of Helena, Montana
After the explosion the panic in the Brotherhood line spreads like wild fire and the attack quickly collapses giving the handful of remaining defenders the chance to take stock of their losses and repair the breaches in the barricades. After a short time the other attacks also collapse.

Rose and Kano help the injured along the walls whilst Randall finishes of any injured Brotherhood he finds as his blood lust goes to the extreme as he decapitates a number of the dead and plants the heads on spikes along the wall! He also take a wounded captive alive for questioning.

Eventually all of the commanders report back to the headquarters in the gymnasium building and the full cost of the nights battle is realised with there being only 93 remaining defenders with over 60 being classed as critically or badly wounded and there are few in the remaining defenders who do not have some slight wounds. There are about 20 of the wounded who will not make the planned Project Lazarus escape and there is only Jessie Conner and another officer remaining plus Captain Smyth and Specialist Cairns.

When the remaining posse realise that Sheridon and Leotine are not in the gymnasium and they question Captain Smyth they come to the conclusion that it was they who blew the enemy up! Kano and two of the defenders, an older soldier called Reeves and a young women called Zatara go into the sewers to look for them.

In the sewers they find a number of Brotherhood dead and also the bodies of Duke and the guide, Reeves decides to take the body of Duke back and starts to cut it up which angers Kano who uses his abilities to make the soldier think Dukes dead head just snapped at him.

Captain Smyth says that there is a Lazarus chopper which was going to provide fire support to the defenders in the air which has stood down for the time being and he orders a council of war to assess the defences. It appears that the main school buildings had been lost before the Brotherhood fled following the explosion and most of the defenders there lost. The posse suggest that with the reduced numbers and the number who are too injured to travel, the plan to flee could be brought forward. It is agreed that this should be done and Smyth contacts Project Lazarus to organise.

The defenders collect Brotherhood weapons for the few defenders who will remain and all supplies that can’t be taken are collected into the gymnasium building and booby trapped with explosives. Captain Smyth says that he is too injured to travel and will not ask his men to stay and for him not to. It’s agreed that it will take two trips to flee and the posse split into two groups to make the journey with the remaining defenders. As the second group are waiting for the chopper they hear a large explosion coming from Helena, it looks like Captain Smyth took some with him!

When the second group land in New Jerusalem they see that the numbers have grown, the wounded have swamped the hospital tent and are being cared for by the people, there is food being prepared for them and their clothing is being washed or replaced. Coulthard says that there will be a meeting later that morning and to get some rest.

At the meeting in the Harbingers tent is Pastor Aaron who no longer looks as weak as he did and carries the silver crucifix and pistol on his belt, Coulthard, Specialist Cairns from Project Lazarus, Lt Jessie Conner and the other officer form Helena, the remaining posse members, North, Reeves and Zatara. The current situation is presented by each party.

Coulthard say the numbers at New Jerusalem have grown by about 200 to over a thousand souls excluding the Helena defenders and that there have been no fresh Brotherhood attack.

Specialist Cairns says that he has spoken to “The Colonel” and that Project Lazarus will no longer remain out of the fight and will do all it can to help the people flee to Junkyard by getting the sick, young and old there by air, helping set up the supply drops and by providing some Project Teams and their vehicles. He also says that Ike Taylor needs to speak to The Colonel and it suggested that Randall should go with the first team to Junkyard as he and Rose are the only remaining members of the posse known to the Iron Alliance and Laqutos go too to be repaired. He will give Ike the Radio and the frequency to contact Project Lazarus.

Rose will be a focal point for the people on the journey as her reputation and standing has grown and it is suggested that the groups leaving New Jerusalem should be staggered when departing but that it needs to be done as soon as possible and that teams of scouts need to be tasked to move ahead. The Harbinger says that he will not leave his people and that he will fight the Brotherhood to protect the innocent.

North suggests that she could take some people to Inspiration and tells those present about the community there and that the struggle with the Brotherhood needs to be recorded and that the dead of Helena need to be remembered also that the sacrifice of Sheridon and Leotine needs to be told to people so that they can see the bravery of the defenders against overwhelming odds.


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