Isaac Blackthorne - The Healing Man

Doctor with a past


Isaac Blackthorne – The Healing Man
Age: 106 (Has taken Alpha, appears to be mid 60’s)
Handedness: Left
Wind: 18
Pace: 6
Size: 6

Cognition: 3d12 Deftness: 2d12
Knowledge: 4d12 Nimbleness: 4d6
Mien: 4d4 Quickness: 3d6
Smarts: 4d12 Strength: 4d6
Spirit: 4d8 Vigor: 2d10

Edges: Hindrances:
Belongings: Woe (5) Ailin: Running out of Alpha(-5)
Luck of the Irish (3) Enemy: The Brotherhood (-5)
Mechanically Inclined (1) Cautious (-3)
Veteran of the Wasted West (0) Heroic (-5)
Oath: Destroy Caine (-5)
Obligation: The Village (-5)

Skills, Hexes, Miracles, and Favours:
Area Knowledge: Home County (2) Academia: Occult (3)
Climbing (1) Drive: Wheeled Vehicles (1)
Faith (4) Guts (4)
Language: Native Tongue (2) Leadership (3)
Lock picking (2) Lock picking (2)
Medicine: General (5) Quick Draw (2)
Science: Biology (5) Science: Chemistry (5)
Science: Electronics (2) Science: Physics (2)
Scrutinize (2) Search (3)
Shooting: Pistol (3) Shooting: SMG (2)
Sneak (3) Speed-Load: Pistol (2)
Survival: Mountain (2) Swimming (1)
Tale Telling (2) Tinkering (4)
Tracking (2)

Glock 17 (shoulder holster), 4 clips, Heckler & Koch MP-20A, 3 clips, Medical Kit, 3 doses of Alpha, Binoculars, Flashlight, Rope, Rations, Horse.

Isacc has a Destiny, see page 197 of rulebook. His destiny is to kill Nathan (now Caine) and any supplies of the Scourge. The effects of years of taking Alpha have meant that once Isacc’s supplies run out he will age at the rate of 5 years to 1. He also has a weak heart.


Isaacs Story

I am 106 years old; I look younger because I take an anti ageing drug called Alpha. I was a doctor of sorts before the war, a long time ago anyway. Before the war itself I was head of a Government research team at the Vermont Disease Control Centre. My work was pure medical, no looking for new ways to kill each other. One of my team was a gifted individual called Nathan Starky, highly intelligent and dedicated to his work.

Nathan changed when his daughter was tragically killed, he began to work on something he called the ‘Scourge of God’. He had been working on this project for some time without my knowledge. His dark superiors recognised his abilities and he was taken to his new lab with his new toy.

I had doubts about mans ability to combat the Scourge, so I began to take sample of Nathan’s work and also to work on a way of fighting the Scourge. I also began questioning the work with my superiors who closed all doors open to me.

It was then that I decided to take a different path and began preparing to vanish with as much of my Scourge work as possible and also to monitor Nathan. I also took a supply of Alpha, which I had been, working on and set up a worldwide network of concerned colleagues.

Then disaster struck me two fold, first Nathan vanished then a contact in Germany was caught sending information to the group. Virtually all of the group were arrested, I was lucky and escaped to a cabin I had in the Rockies. I continued my work from there until Judgement Day. After that I tried to help out as much as I could.

It was near Salt Lake City that I then learned of a group called ‘Project Lazarus. Some government secret op’s group I thought but the supply cache I found helped me. I then searched for more caches with no luck but I did find a Project Lazarus team or the remains of it in Cryo Tubes. One of the team survived – Jon Steiner. Jon told me that Lazarus was not a government agency but some secret group that he had been recruited into. There was a Prime Base somewhere in Arizona, but Jon didn’t know where.

We worked together searching for the Project and doing good when we could, then we found Jonah who had been attacked by a mountain lion. Jonah had been hunting for his tribe; he bore all the marks of the Scourge of God. I found out that his people had contracted the disease after visiting the Idaho National Engineering Laboratories. We visited the village and discovered that many of the people bore the marks of the Scourge, but they survived the Scourge and then began some form of Genetic Change. They changed to Apes.

We visited the Laboratories and my suspicions where confirmed that it was a front and was actually a Germ Warfare Facility. We took as much equipment and supplies as we could.

I visited the towns around the area helping them as a doctor and trading with them. On my last visit to the Idaho Lab’s I came across a clue, they had been working on some samples of the Scourge. I discovered the name of Yung Cho Pow and an address in the Beverhead Mountains. I visited the cabin and found in a hidden compartment a large amount of money, a ceremonial dagger with a black stone in the hilt and a ledger in Chinese.

I decided to stay and help the village; Jon decided to seek out his Prime Base. He had long begun to take refuge in the bible and thought of himself as a weapon of God.

I never came across Nathan again but I came across the same dagger and stones on the warriors that attacked me. The Brotherhood of Caine.

Isaac Blackthorne - The Healing Man

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